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Wow! Talk about standing behind your product. I recently purchased a 12 year old Ryan Home. After moving in I found several small issues that could turn into big issues missed during the inspection. I called the builder thinking they would be the most knowledgeable on how to address these issues. Chris was genuinely concerned and sent out his team of contractors to fix the issues. I work in the new home construction industry and this level of commitment to quality is rare, if not unheard of. Thank you.
JReed 2018

Working with Ryan Homes took away the potential stress of building a custom home.  The entire team was hands on during the entire process, helping us with everything from color choices to exterior design detail.  You can also just feel the higher quality of a Ryan Homes’s home the minute you walk in the door.  They have remained available for questions and help years after the home was completed.  And most importantly – they were on budget and on time!!!

SBell 2008

I selected Ryan Homes out of a half dozen custom builders that I interviewed, and I am very pleased that I did.  At that time, I contacted a handful of their past clients and all were very complimentary, and my realtor indicated that their spec projects have always done well, yet another good sign.  In short, they built a great house to my specs and within my budget and on time, and kept me fully informed and involved along the way.  There were no surprises and no unexpected expenses or delays, which is something you worry about going in.  Based on my experience, I recommend Ryan Homes to friends who were equally satisfied during and after their scrape and build project.  Bottom line these are good people to work with and you will enjoy the custom home experience if you use Ryan Homes.

JWare 2009


We have supplied frame lumber and roof trusses with Ryan Homes for over 17 years.  Outstanding client and always been a pleasure to do business with.  They do amazing work and have incredible employees.

CLevering 2016

From the time we signed on to the project with Ryan Homes they were attentive and held an amazingly high standard for customer service.  We have worked with many builder and contractors over the years and realize every home project has it’s snags.  But the Ryan Homes team addressed every concern quickly and completely.  They built a beautiful product and we fully enjoyed working with them.  The design team was current in their style and also took into account our style preferences.  We LOVE our Ryan Home!

SPowell 2014


Mountain Window Specialties provides Ryan Homes, Inc. with windows and doors for many of their homes, both spec and pre sold projects.  Ryan Homes builds a very good home, and they treat their subs remarkably well.  They respect our time, as well as our bills.  The products we provide Ryan Homes with are high-end aluminum clad/wood windows and doors, which is a reflection of the homes they build.
Tyler 59100 January 2017

A great builder with an impeccable eye for detail and quality.  I work in the construction industry myself and there are few builders I would trust to build my personal home – Ryan Homes is one of them.  They create unique, well designed luxury homes to fit any taste.

bdomareck – 2011

I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for everything. We’ve been in our house for almost 3 months and continue to love everything about it. The design, quality and attention to detail are unsurpassed. There was never a doubt we would end up with a beautiful house, but the real surprise was what a pleasure it was to work with you and your team. Richard and Krissy went above and beyond and never missed an opportunity to exceed expectations. You are very lucky to have a team like that and it speaks highly of you and Amy as the business owners. We will continue to recommend you to friends and will always be available to serve as a reference.

bdomareck – 2017

Ryan Homes built my brand new first home, and I could not have been happier.  Amy and Chris have been incredibly friendly and helpful, both before and after I closed.  The house is lovely, well designed, and the amenities are top of the line.  I have had minor repair work since moving in and both Amy and Chris are always available and supremely helpful, scheduling all repairs quickly and fixing the issues without any further complications.  Could not recommend them more!

zhicks – 2015

Ryan Homes built a great house for us 8 years ago and they have stood behind it long after it was necessary to do so.  We recently had some damage after a big hail storm that included some wooden trim on our balcony.  Insurance is paying for the repairs, but the contractor could not find the lumber to match the original rough-cut board.  Amy Sublette visited the house to identify the board and arranged to have replacement boards delivered by their supplier to our home.  Now that’s service!  Than You Amy and Chris

pmcguckin – 2007

I have known Amy as an owner of Ryan Homes since 2002. In the past ten years I have watched Ryan Homes develop into a successful construction company. I have consulted with Amy and her staff on a number of custom projects including: residential and commercial construction.

The entire staff of Ryan Homes has a great work ethic and always follows through for successful completion of the job at hand. I would highly recommend Ryan Homes for any residential or commercial construction project.

dberton – Realarchitecture and Unrealconstruction

Ryan Homes was the perfect partner for our home project. The team brought experience in all areas from architectural review, exterior and interior design, to time and cost management. They communicated effectively throughout the project and kept things on budget and on our timeline. They brought a personal, hands-on approach to working with us on a weekly/daily basis to meet our expectations visions of our home.

We would highly recommend getting to know the Ryan Homes team and understand the breadth and depth that they bring to the table.

You will love the experience.

I had the pleasure of working directly with Ryan Homes during the design and construction of my custom home. They have an amazing and unique talent for exceeding client expectations while maintaining a solid relationship with trade and contractor professionals. It is their balanced approach that allows them to have the latest product knowledge and know exactly how to use it during design and construction. The Ryan Homes approach leads to an unbelievable finished product. Building a custom home can be a daunting task, but Ryan Homes made the experience fun and enjoyable. I was able to achieve the exact look and feel I wanted and came in under budget. I attribute this success to the thoughtful approach and incredible expertise of Ryan Homes.

I used Ryan Homes to build my home in Castle Pines North. WE LOVED the experience so much so that we are planning on using Ryan Homes again to build another home for us.  The team constantly went above and beyond. They kept us on budget and even more importantly we finished the project AHEAD of schedule.

I have heard most people have a difficult time in building and swear to never attempt to do it again; our experience was the total opposite of that. It was an awesome experience.

Building a custom home is not an easy task, but Ryan Homes manages the work, finances and expectations to make it a truly positive and enjoyable experience. Our custom home with Ryan was built almost entirely remotely from 1200 miles away, and the communications and financial management were never in question and were handled efficiently and professionally.
Amy, Chris and Greg built the home like it was their home in investment of money and emotion. They have a good feeling for every decision the homebuilder must make and offered alternatives and options that met our needs.

Proof of their quality remains today, over 10 years after construction. We have had no major problems with their workmanship and design alternatives.
To this day we still consider our builders our friends; which is something that does not often happen in these days of mass production and fleeting companies.
We highly recommend Ryan Homes for any home rebuilding projects!

Ryan Homes built the Bristlecone Townhouse project in Aurora. I am an investor in the project. The construction work was done professionally and on budget and on time. The units have been sold to very satisfied homeowners who like the “custom” features in their value priced dwellings. The project is ongoing and has been under way since 2010.

We hired Ryan Homes to build our custom home in 2013. The whole team is great. Their business model is very attractive, as it ensures all phases of the building process work together. They provide just the right amount of hand holding and direction to ensure everything in your home feels comfortable and works as it should. It was so nice to have Amy with us at every selection meeting to help us make the right decisions. The upfront work on budgeting helped ensure the project came in where we expected, and any issues were always promptly and candidly discussed. The team is a pleasure to work with and we love our new home.