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At Ryan Homes we offer…

Ryan Homes has soared to the top of Colorado’s custom home building industry in a manner few builders nationwide can rival. Our team’s design approach emphasizes working directly with the architect and homeowner to eliminate problems early in the process. Our most important function in attending these architectural meetings is to be the voice of the client. We believe in order to fulfill your needs and desires, the final plan must be your idea of the perfect dream home – not the architects idea of the perfect dream home.

To help accomplish it’s mission, Ryan Homes uses internet technology as a powerful, interactive tool to drive efficient communication and construction.When it comes to final decisions for construction, scheduling, interior design and all other segments of the building process, our homeowners agree that email is the best way to track the countless choices to be made.

Selecting cabinets, flooring, countertops, fixtures, paint and other items can be intimidating for some homeowners. Ryan Homes’ talented design team serves as a liaison between the client and suppliers by attending all supplier and trade partner meetings, capturing meeting details on specialized design templates and checking supplier bids for accuracy. While other contractors send homeowners to these visits alone, our experience enables us to share with customers what has worked in the past and what has not, and allows us to bear the burden if mistakes occur. In addition, our involvement keeps the decision-making process in sync with the building schedule, keeping construction delays to a minimum.

We do things differently at Ryan Homes. While most builders average 50 category line items on a cost breakdown, Ryan Homes generates a thorough cost breakdown consisting of 150 line items. We also secure 80% of subcontractor and supplier bids in advance of groundbreaking to ensure nominal contingencies. In conjunction with bidding the project, we develop a detailed Home Specification Sheet tailored to the individual home to ensure expectations are met and established budgets maintained. We are so confident in our budgeting abilities that we operate under an “open book” policy, meeting with clients on a monthly basis to review all expenditures.

Ryan Homes offers an orientation to show owners how to use all the exciting features in their new home. At that time, an extensive list is captured to review items that may need extra attention, prior to move-in. Upon 30 days of living in the home, Ryan Homes returns to do a walk to address any additional items that may have been missed. Ryan Homes encourages potential clients to contact our homeowners to hear direct from them how we stand behind our homes and what the experience was like for them. An extensive client list will be provided during our initial sit-down meeting. Our best way to earn your business is through our homeowner endorsements.